Ad for sale

S. AVIOANE CRAIOVA S.A. based in Ghercești Commune, Str. Aviators, No.10, DOLJ, registered at, Trade Register under no. J16 / 1214/1991, unique registration code RO2326144, telephone 0251/402000, fax 0251/435153 organizes at the Company’s headquarters: – public auction opened with a cry on 24.03.2020, 1000, for the sale of goods owned by AVIOANE CRAIOVA S.A. The name, starting prices, participation and award of these goods are provided in the specifications, which can be accessed / downloaded from the website The auction fee is 100 lei, including VAT. The deadline for submitting purchase requests, at the company headquarters or by fax, as well as the documents provided in the specifications is 23.03.2020, 1400 hours.

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Caiet de sarcini