IAR 93

The IAR 93 aircraft represents the birth certificate of AVIOANE CRAIOVA S.A. company and the second begining of reaction aviation in Romania after the first one – with mondial priority, done in 1910 by the romania engineer HENRI COANDA with his aircraft, built with the support of the great french Gustave Eiffel and Paul Painleve, aircraft that was presented at the Second Air Show in Paris.

The first flight of the romanian prototipe of IAR 93 took place in Bacau, Romania on 31st of October 1974. The prototipe was realised with major contribution of U.R.A. – Bacau and I.R.M.A.- Bucuresti, locations in which part of the technical and manufacturing personel of the future Plant 444 – Craiova was trained.

The project was born as result of common ambitious initiative of the Jugoslavian president – Iosip Broz Tito and of Romanian at the time president, to achieve in co-operation an aircraft desired to become « the fighter of the non aligned countries ».